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I had an original plan of eating with the girls at Porteno. On the website it stated that bookings can’t be made with 4 people and under. So hoping we could wing it on a Saturday we would get some yummy piggy into our bellies. Dear miss viv mentions there is a 5th diner to join us Mr Viv! That means we could book, so a few days beforehand my attempts of trying to get a table of 5 was beyond fail and it was all book out. Back to plan A of winging it, plan B was to stop at Alio if we couldn’t get a table. Driving past the line was so long. Plan B had to be sprung into action. Of course Plan B tends to fail us. Standing outside the restaurant 5 people quickly urban-spooning & blog hunting for nearby restaurants. At least 10 calls were made to various restaurants. We came across the Devonshire on urbanspoon and it was a light calling for us. Sadly we were rejected once again and hop back into the car for hope. It was destiny that meets fate that a phone call came through going a booking of 5 had cancelled in the next 5 minutes!

The Devonshire is owned by Jeremy Bentley and Matthew Kemp (of Balzac). We were the first to arrive and can’t help notice the lovely service we got straight away. I couldn’t decide on what i wanted to order but the degustation at $80 per head was a steal! I was very reluctant to order the degustation due to the rabbit dish. I’m still yet to conquer myself eating game meat and especially if it is a cute fluffy creature. Luckily the waiter kindly addresses that I could have the gnocchi instead, Miss Karen also ops for the gnocchi.

Salt fish brandade with house made grissini. The salt fish Brandade was amazingly delish. We eat up pretty much fighting for what was left.

honey and french butter with bread. The butter was mind blowing! I ended up scooping it out and eating it by itself. Don’t judge!

When we finished the bread, there was many attempts that the waitresses/waiters kept trying to take our butter away. We just had to polish it off without the bread. Domo agrees it was heavenly butter.

Confit pear and onion tarte fine, gorgonzola and wild rocket. Sweet and a savoury pairing that work very well together.

Scallops, squid, celeriac, pomegranate and golden raisins. Squid has been sourced from South Australia. The scallop is from Novascotia close to Eastern US and Canada. The scallop is huge, taste sweet and soaks up a lot of flavour. The black squid ink is mixed with celeriac is subtle and is a great pairing for the scallop. I was sad there was only one scallop! I wanted more.

Bonito, katchumba salad, pakoras, curry sauce and rice foam. Found the curry sauce quite intense with flavour.

Potato gnocchi with pine mushrooms, parmesan and peas. Amazing pillowy soft gnocchi. Did find the mushrooms lack the wow factor.

Macleay valley rabbit raviolo, pine mushrooms, Tarragon and spinach. Didn’t end up eating this but by the looks of my patrons faces they seem to enjoyed this very much

Bangalow pork loin, belly and shoulder, pumpkin puree, prunes and apple. The pork belly has been cooked in a water bath at 75 degrees for 15 hours! The sage has been deep-fried, The apple part comes in a form of a jelly. The pork shoulder is wrapped in pastry. I love pork and this dish delivers a happy tummy. Best part was the pork belly.

Pineapple pudding, ice cream and pineapple soup. Despite all the things going on the dessert is light in flavours.

Oh noes ko-ed domo

Bittersweet chocolate pave, chocolate sorbet and chocolate ice cream. Did find this dessert way too sweet (but in such a good way) but I guess that’s why it was placed last. The chocolate bits tasted like milo!

How awesome is the display of the bill?

I can’t wait to revisit. There is a lovely dessert on the menu I intend to try on the next visit “Devonshire tea crème brulee, scone ice-cream, cherry jam and whipped cream”. Food and service was beyond my expectations. The $80 degustation is definitely a steal.

204 Devonshire Street. Surry Hills. NSW 2010. Sydney.
Telephone: 02 9698 9427

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  1. ooh! I’m with you! I’ve yet to conquer my fear of eating game meats.. ESPECIALLY a rabbit. If you called it a bunny, do you think people would hesitate before consuming?! 😛

  2. yummm yumm.. $80 is heaps good… organise another one julieee 🙂

    the pork belly *drooool* and the honey butter sounds interesting. Something i’d like to try.

    Funnily enough this sorta looks like assiesste to me XD.

    hope ure well x

  3. $80 – is a gr8 price fro all that food! im a sucker for bread and butter as well even when i know i have heaps of food coming hehehe

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