Azuma Kushiyaki Sugar hit 2011

It’s Crave month finally! You know what that means right? Sugar hits is back. Time to hit those desserts during 9pm-11pm. Once again I have chosen to have sugar hit at Azuma Kushiyaki. Please see my Azuma sugar hit 2010 from last year to refresh your memory.

Azuma Kushiyaki offers East meets West dessert tasting plate. I struggled to finish the dessert last year. This year I have polished off every single item. My lovely other fellow dinner companions pretty much polished off the dessert as well. I guess this speaks for itself. The dessert this year is damn good. I am not a big fan of sweets so this was a surprise.

You can choose either hot green tea or the brown brothers orange muscat and flora as a drink.


Green tea

Assorted seasonal fruits with tapioca pearls and shiratama rice dumplings covered with kinako power (back) and white sesame ice cream (front). I found the ice cream a bit nutty in taste, the ice cream was a little bland but i quite like the blandness of it as it completes the overall dessert. The fruits are fantastic and make probably one of the best fruit salad I ever had. The rice dumplings are similar to mochi in texture but prefer these to mochi πŸ™‚

Up close of the fruit salad

Yuzu sake, green tea tiramisu – shochu soaked sponge with mascarpone, cream and matcha, sake sponge bites – butter cake soaked in sake and chocolate with pop rocks. The star of the show, was the yuzu sake, lemony in flavour and sweet. The green tea was probably the heaviest item due to the cream. The sponge cake was very fluffy but I can’t taste much of the sake. Miss R on the otherhand picks our the alcohol clearly.

Dear Azuma Kushiyaki, I think I might visit you again before this month ends, otherwise I hope its another great Sugar hit next year.

Regent Place, 501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
phone: 0292677775

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  1. omg.. are you going to azuma sugar hit.. can i come too? ive never been to sugar hit.. god that looks amazing!!

    WB btw…. i was about to nudge u on fb to start blogging hahahaa.. x

  2. gee this looks sooo much better than the one we had last year…i just rem last year everything was…too sweet?! couldnt finish them!
    i love the light fruity and spongy dessert this year…now i wanna go πŸ˜€ let me know if you’re going again ahha

  3. Mmmm i HEART good food month so much. It definitely gives us a chance to sample what restaurants have on offer.

    P.s I have my sugar hit here soon, and I can’t wait πŸ˜€

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