Eat drink blog 2011

I attended the Eat Drink blog 2011 – food bloggers conference over the weekend in Sydney. It was an amazing day full of informative sessions and lots of food/snacks.

My key takes out of the day:

Law session – I think the one comment that stood out the most was “you need to control what appears on your blog when a comment appears, if defamatory you might be opened to be sued.” I tend to leave most comments as they are as I respect my readers thoughts, now I’m quite worried and might have to moderate comments. Check out Dominic Villa’s blog post about further law regarding food blogging.

SEO – I was looking forward this session, I think Michael Gall did the best he could in explaining SEO. It’s not easy trying to explain the idea of a type of “vote” in terms of backlinks. Side note I work in SEO, I was looking forward to it so I can steal his tips (hehe :P) for explaining it to people who don’t understand what SEO is

Writing with Valerie Khoo – I realise I was breaking and every tip she mentioned. I am constantly speaking on my blog in a passive tone and realise I need to change to a more active tone.

Simon Marnie on Media – he was honest and came across very warm. I love his perspective from his media side. He mention know he had the most amazing auckland dining experience thanks to bloggers. I dislike the media negative thoughts on food bloggers (and even bloggers as whole). I love how he mention that all media and bloggers just can work alongside each other. He was very engaging as a person.

Ethics – Make sure to mention about being completely transparent about restaurant reviews.

A camera war? It’s on!

Dominic Villa

Valerie Khoo in action, so much passion for writing.

Lunch was Lamb, you can tell how horrified I was. I fully detest Lamb with every bone in my body. I went with the vegetarian option which was the zucchini stack, which ended up being delicious. I was so hungry so I went back for another plate of vegetables (Hey no one was eating it!)

Lamby baaa baa

My zucchini stack lunch, sorry out of focus.

The lamb Masterclass just about to start. How gorgeous is Nonie? All the males were all swooning towards her! Don’t blame them. I love how she took out a saw and just hacked into the lamb.

Lamb in action

Gotta love them food bloggers in action. I took this photo for Lols. Is your back famous here? I can “link” you if you like 😉

There were 4 workshops occurring during the afternoon and you could only attended two. In the end I went up picking the food styling and food photography class. I struggled with both so I was thinking of picking up new tips and tricks.

Styling – Peter was leading the Food Styling workshop, he mentioned he picks most of his props from op shops and Ikea. I love his collection of food props. I’m slowing trying to build a collection as well.

Cake styling

Styling a salad

Photography – Quentin Jones was teaching the photography class. I am afraid I didn’t learn much things “new” but I reckon he did share a few great tips for newbie photographers, especially in the photoshop department.

What happens when you just miss out on chilli crab, no more!

A BIG BIG thank you to the amazing conference team, Without you guys we wouldn’t have such a fantastic day. Big thank you ❤ to Reemski, Simon, Trina and Jennifer.

It was lovely to meet so many fantastic bloggers who share a passion and love for food as well. Looking forward to next year!


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  1. Did we even get to say hello on Saturday…if not hello 5 days too late. It was a good day…I found so many of the sessions really informative. I quite enjoyed the photography session – thought the guy was a real character.

  2. Ah, I did wonder what the vegetarian lunch option was, but no one posted a picture of it yet. I’d also love to pick your brains about SEO, I wonder if that seminar would have gone better if he had his slides to talk to.

  3. realised the conf was only a week ago…feels sooo long ago for some reasons haha. yea the comment thingy stuck with me too…i never thought about moderating comments but i guess im still reluctant…such hassle..just gonna trust my readers won’t be naughty lol.

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