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I don’t usually buy group buying coupons. I tend to be the person that thinks they are a waste of money. After seeing so many people with bad experiences with group buying coupons it has turned me off. After seeing quite a good and positive reviews about Bar H, I decided to purchased the coupon on spreets for $79. Bar H have changed their menu to more of a Asian-inspired dishes, previously it was modern Australia.

We were only given two seatings 6pm & 8:30pm. I had to quickly dashed to the city from work and trying to arrive on time at 6pm, the perks of not working in the city. I originally thought the banquet was one each but it’s 7 dishes shared between two. It also comes with rice, a salad and a glass of wine each. You are also given the option to switch to a soft drink if you prefer.

Pickled cucumber salad. There is Chinese fungi in this which I love.

Steamed pork wontons with chilli oil dressing. I was hoping for the deep fried version but the steamed pork wontons are still delicious and are quickly gobbled up.

Braised beef on sesame leaf. The coriander took up about half the filling in the roll. Althought I am not affected by this, Mr himself was horrified. You see Mr himself’s least favoutite food (or should I say herb) in the whole wide world is coriander.

Calamari salad with fresh herbs.

Deep fried tofu with caramelised tomato. Tofu and tomato are a great combination and once again another great dish.

Crispy Chilli chicken. Sadly the chicken was quite spicy, so Mr himself had this to himself, he quickly gives me the thumbs up!

Caramelised beef with fresh fennel and radish. This was the highlight of the meal. Saved the best for last. The beef is beautifully cooked, tender and juicy. What more could you want?

iceberg & Herb salad

Overall it’s such a great deal for $79 dollars. I am not sure I would pay the full price of $160. I think it was quite small for two people but it was great that we got to tried the different meals from Bar H. I do look forward to trying it again sometime in the future.

80 Campbell St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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  1. Oh the dishes looks great! The dish look really small yeah I don’t think I would pay full price either. OMG can’t believe someone don’t like coriander that much. I’m happy to eat a whole bowl hehe

  2. Sometimes I buy those coupon deals for value of money too – I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing to do so. But the dishes look great – you definitely got your monies worth!

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