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I hope you guys had a fantastic and great New Year. Once again I haven’t disappeared off the radar. Long story short I made a decision to move from Sydney to Melbourne. It was one of the biggest decisions I have ever made. I am also thankful my company has allowed me stay and transfer to the Melbourne office. I am not sure how long I will be here for, just seeing how this city is and might just decide to stay here permanently.

Moving along, the oven is busted at the new place which meant I can’t even bake or cook things in the oven. I am completely heart broken because my itch to bake needs to be cured. On the good side I am looking forward to exploring many eats of Melbourne (tight budget! yikes). I got a lovely list happening and hope to add more to it. I been reading a number of Melbourne food blogs and I’m very thankfully there is many great blogs out there that has help me in the direction where to go =). What would our lives by without blogs? Nonetheless traditional media has still been my reference point so I love we have the best of both worlds.

On my previous visit to Melbourne I stayed in a hotel called City Garden off Little Bourke st. Everytime we walk back to the hotel we pass this small restaurant called Shanghai Street. It was always packed with lines. The restaurant can probably sit around under 35 people with a few outdoor tables. I admit, if I see a restaurant with a queue, I would think it’s good.

Now we are back and living here so we finally get a chance to see how good this place is. I find myself making comparions back to Shanghai night back in Ashfield, Sydney.

We got seats along the bench against the window (seats 4). It is thursday night around 6:30pm and about 3 couples are in front of us. The wait was about 10 minutes

I spotted hot and sour soup with dumplings on the menu – wanted it so much! Mr himself hates vinegar and anything sour so its a no go zone tonight. I love all things sour, tom yum soup, vinegar, assam laksa, even those evil warheads. I guess another visit some other time.

The wonton soup does not stand out too much. Slighlty above average these are still comforting on a cold day.

The xiao long baos upon arrival are large in size. They meet the mark of xiao long baos soupy and luscious.

The plate of Shanghai noodles I find a bit small in comparison to what I normally see. However it was full of oily goodness and fulfilling the way I like it. Just lacks the size.

Service was a bit rushed but the line was quite long when we left. The bill left a tiny damage on the wallet which is a win in my books.

342 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9600 2250

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  1. I came here once before realising how popular it was (at 5pm, so it was actually fairly empty for most of the time I was there).

    The fried dumplings were very good, and a pretty generous serve for the price. I keep trying to drag my friends there now for my dumpling fix!

  2. Majorly jealous of your move to Melbs…such a lovely city and it feels so different to Sydney (in a good way). Glad to see you’ve found a semi-decent dumpling joint.

  3. Congratulations on your move though. It must be exciting. There sure are lots for you to eat and it could work well with the budget, they’re not all expensive places 🙂

  4. Hello Julie 🙂 Just recently found your blog hehe but we’ve been chatting on twitter so I feel like I kinda know you already ~

    Welcome to Melbourne!!! I’m sure you’re going to have a blast here! Let me know if you have any questions about Melbie, I’d try to help you out ~

  5. i was gonna ask you if you are living in melb now but looks like you have answered my question :(. hope u are having a great time living there. also hope to see more reviews on melb restaurants 🙂

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