izakaya den

We walked across the street back and forth to search for this restaurant. Where the heck is Izakaya Den! We went to an alley and in fact many alleys, still no sign. A quick google search shows us with the word basement. So we looked for a flight of stairs. Bingo it was right next to the building 118. 114 is where we meant to go. We walked downstairs and door on the left greeted us with the words DEN.

We have arrived. It was about 6:40pm on a Saturday night. They don’t take bookings unless it’s groups of more then 5 so our mission was to rock up early and grab a table. We were lucky and got seated right away. After 10 minutes or so has pasted a line started forming.

The entry

The atmosphere is lovely and it’s awesome because you can see an open kitchen. If sitting at the bar it’s almost like a kitchen demo!

An open kitchen

Cute glasses

There is no denying that the corn karage will be my must order. The corn is utterly sweet and the batter so crispy. The conversion further into “how does the corn stick together when it gets deep dried. I do wonder, any takers?

Harvey Bay Scallops. The scallops actually come in 3’s but luckily the waiter mention it can come in 4’s if needed 🙂 yay! The scallops were unbelievable. With one each it’s a lot to whine about when it’s all gone. We just wanted more.

Mushrooms and greens – nothing of a wow dish but it’s always good to have the vegies on the side.

Kurobuta Pork Belly – the pork belly was very good a little bit too salty which I didn’t mind.

Black rice. This was the dish we were most curious about. It was very interesting and I’m glad we ordered this because it helped filled our bellies a bit more.

Kingfish sashimi – a must order. Tasted very fresh and I love the dressing that came with it.

Prices are quite steep for Japanese food but I find it worth the taste. I definitely love to return and try the other dishes on the menu. Downside is we weren’t full but it’s okay our stomachs had room for dessert.

114 Russell St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
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  1. I LOVED Izakaya Den when we were in Melbs. You are so lucky to have it at your finger tips whenever you like now. I street-viewed the venue on google so I knew where to find the “hidden door”.

    • Next time come down and me & Mr z will go. We both love it =).
      COOL thanks for sharing viv – maybe i will attempt it if I’m gamed!

  2. I love this place! Love the atmosphere and the food’s pretty decent too; makes me feel like I’m in downtown Tokyo. Only thing I’m not particularly fond of are the prices – definitely not one for the Cheap Eats book!

  3. The corn karage looks lovely 😉 I love corn fritter type things hehe i’ve heard so many things about this place but haven’t had the chance to go ~ but things do look a little small and Mr Bao eats a lot so maybe i’ll go with you girlies instead hehe

  4. Haha! I remember looking high and low to find this place my first time as well. Didn’t occur to me to look very LOW lol! Yes, I think I had a very similar experience and thoughts as you. Some good, some okay and also thought the price was a biiiit expensive. But then again, anything over $10 is normally over my student budget haha! #cheapoooo

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