Yes yes it’s finally an update from me. I was away in Perth for a while to visit the Mr’s family and then arrived back in Melbourne for one night. The next day I jetted off to Sydney for work. It has been a few hectic weeks and now I made the time to blog.

WOOHOO I finally going to blog about one of my favourite restaurants in Melbourne YES it’s Omah’s. This was my 4th visit when my friend Miss A was visiting Melbourne. Miss A is a big fan of crabs so we had to take her to Omah’s. Omah’s have a fixed price of crabs of $45.9 (increased from $40 previously). As usual every time before I visit I make sure to pre-order the crabs at least a day in advance. This time it was no different. Funnily there wasn’t any crabs when we arrived even when we pre-ordered. But luckily they made a trip within 15 minutes and came back to us with a crab yay! Last night there was a big order of 25 crabs the night before which is why the missing crabs

Grass jelly and soy milk mixed with grass Jelly.

My number one choice for crab is definitely the Salted egg crab. I have previously tried black pepper and chilli crab which were both fantastic but nothing hit my mouth with drooling saliva like the salted egg crab. I think it has happy crack 😀

Coconut rice. Wish they have chicken rice option but loved their coconut rice. Super fragrant.

Next we ordered loh bak, minced chicken marinated with 5-spice, fried in bean curd skin. Miss A is having the Loh Bak for the first time and fell in love with it. I gave Omah’s version a thumbs up too it was very crispy and tasted delicious. I tried quite a few versions of loh Bak and now Omah’s tops it 🙂

Ikan bakar fish – mild spiced fish with onion and orka on banana leaf. We make sure to order a more mild fish dish this time. Previously we tried the nyonya fish and it was the so spicy. This fish suited my spice palette more.

Belacan Veggies – watercress. I love their Belacan version, it’s mixed with prawns. No matter where I go I still like Omah’s belacan watercress the most 🙂

One small negative is we couldn’t takeaway our food! I wouldn’t mind paying a takeaway fee on top – oh well! Side note Omah’s in Port Melbourne is Opal’s now. There is also some gluten free options of the menu which is handy 🙂

338-342 Burwood Road
Hawthorn, VIC 3122
03 9818 7777
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  1. YAY you are finally back and you’re blogging 🙂 I’ve missed reading your posts dearie! Super glad that you’re back 😀 WOO HOO!

    You sure have visited Omah’s so many times but it’s definitely worth it! I love their crabs and I didn’t know that their prices had actually increased 😀 Can’t wait to go back for that salted egg crab and the chilli crabs hehe u know how I like my spice!

  2. Oh baby look at that crab!!! I want I want!!! Even though it’s battered and fried and horribly bad for me hahaha! Where’s Omah’s though? Oh never mind I’ll google/urbanspoon Melbourne it! 🙂

  3. CRABBBBB!!! (: hehe I am still reminiscing the last time we had it! The salted egg yolk crab is definitely DA BOMB! hehe I can’t wait to bring the Mr to try it! hehe and welcome back! Definitely miss your posts and you! xx

  4. You jetsetter, you! Are we going to be hearing about your Perth travels? 🙂

    I love crabs but surprisingly, have not been to Omah’s. Need to pay a visit one day!

  5. This is definitely on my radar and a crab has my name on it 😀 Looking forward to getting my foodie groove on after exams 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  6. 4th visit? No wonder why it’s one of your favourites! I really need to hit up melbourne and will need ALLLLL your recommendations 😛

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