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These days bloggers rely heavily on search engines to gain traffic to their blogs. I get many questions about SEO from bloggers and friends. Your our own ideas/methods might differ overall SEO is a VERY big topic itself and ever changing. Originally I made a couple of drafts of this topic but in the end I deleted the last draft, it was overly technical for bloggers. I decided to keep it “simple” and explain to you some ways where you can start to do to help gain a bit more of a kick from Search Engines, especially Google.

As a user of a search enginge and a blogger it’s good to keep in mind constantly and put yourself in a position of someone who will use the search engine to search something. How would a user go about searching for something? There tips just provide quick guide for bloggers beginning to improved their SEO, so any non-beginners please turn away :).

Keyword Research

Best realistic about keywords you want to rank for. Most keywords with high volume of hits will be harder to rank for then the lower volume. For example you want your lovely recipe of “smoothie” might have lots of keywords with smoothie however it might be easier to ranked for “healthy strawberry smoothie”

Start to research and collect of list of keywords you want to rank for. I highly rrecommend using the Google Keyword Tool. It also helps to view your stats daily (or weekly) to determine what keywords are hitting your blog the most and using that to your advantage. Look at your current posts – which posts are booming vs which posts are not? You should take advantage of the posts that are getting the hits the most and leverage on that.


Google can’t read images so giving a little text description provides more information on what that image is.

– Don’t ever leave your image tags empty. Always use “alt” to your advantage. A simple img html tag looks like this img src=”laksa.jpg” alt=”laksa”. Google can’t read images so giving a little text description provides more information on what that image is.
– When saving your images be specific and worded it right. Use words like laksa-Mamak.JPG not numbers be specific!

Social Media – twitter, pinterest, Facebook & Bookmarking

These are the obvious answers to drive traffic to your website. As we evolved more and more, Searches Engines especially Google start seeing Social Media as good indicators to rank well in google. Pretty obvious and true!

Title tags

There is no point writing a title of a blog “Yummy Malaysian food at this amazing place” when you don’t even mention the word you are reviewing. Example you are reviewing “Mamak” in the title. As simple as it is Mamak will return much more hits. You can always do a mixture of both in title if you find you still want a creative title – Something like Mamak – really Yummy food! In the end experience what you like best and what you feel comfortable with.


Having the right Url in on your blog posts helps a lot as well. Be specific again when naming URLS. If we have a chicken Soup recipe – it’s best to really just name it that


Use Heading and bold tags

Make use of of the headings and bold html codes and use them for the keywords you are aiming for.

Get yourself on Google Plus and use the Author Rel

It is very important to be on Google Plus, google owns it of course! Not only that but having a google plus account allows your google plus profile to appear in search engines. The benefits of this is a highly click-through-rate onto your blog and claiming originally content. For the latter it’s very helpful very someone has taken your content, it helps give google an indication where the original came from.

I am not going to get into how to set up an author profile (using rel=author tag) since it’s quite technical but here are some tutorials online to get you start.
Google tutorial
Search Enging people tutorial
Problogger tutorial

Other things:

– Internal link between your pages constantly
– Page load is important, have a good loading time don’t overload yoursite with ads. Ads and too much images slow down the website site!
– Ads that also dominating the first half of your page isn’t a good sign for Google.
– Get yourself google Analytics, it’s free so why not!
– If you have wordpress (only for self-hosting), download this plugin called All in One SEO.

I might continue with this series once in a while! Let me know if you want to know anything!

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  1. I love the tips and this series! I didn’t know that Google can’t read images! I m gonna have to change the way I label my pictures!

    Great advice and tips dearie!! Thank you!!!

    Keep these posts coming 😀 xox

  2. Omg this is amazing!!! Juls I just realised that there is SO much I don’t know. Besides having only social media, I think everything else is very new to me. I’m quite confused about a lot of the stuff you shared, as they are new information to me but hope to learn more about them over the coming weeks. And this is you telling us it’s for beginners and not technical already omg I’m such a noob lol. For instance, I just checked the html code and my img src is now avery complicated url, dunno where I got that from. I basically just uploaded the photo to blogspot. Should I be hosting the images at a diff site or sth? Anyway, very generous of you to share this wealth of knowledge with us. You really know a lot! Hope to catch up with you soon! =)

    • Thank you for your feedback Winston! Yikes I have a bad habit being too technical I need to re-word the guide a little. You will learn so much on Sunday during the session at eat drink blog! There is some sites you don’t have control over the name of the file eg flickr, photobucket and i think blogger is one of them too. Sadly Not familiar with blogger images – with wordpress hosted and any self-hosted you have a good control over the naming of the file (I need to add this in my blog opps). Up to you about finding elsewhere to upload but might have trouble with naming the image still unless you intend to have your own hosting.

  3. Great tips – thank you Jules! I think everybody needs to be reminded of these things once in a while. It its a combination of common sense and knowledge.

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