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I went back to Sydney a few months ago for a work trip. It was great because the number one restaurant I knew I had to go to was Momofuku Seiobo! That night, I’m catching up with my buddy Ms V. The degustation was too steep for our budget so we decided to eat at the bar The bar had a limited amount of seats – only 5; so we decide to turn up early on a Monday night to grab those seats. We arrived slightly before 7 in the evening and they weren’t open yet. By the time we sat down, another couple appeared and there was only 1 seat left.

After dinner – I posted on Instagram and said “felt a little disappointed”. A number of people replied and said they enjoyed their experience at Momofuku but mostly with the degustation option. The food was very good but not too sure if it was worth the money. I guess I just had such high expectations and had been counting down the days to the visit.

I couldn’t see any door signage of Momofuku but Ms V pointed out a big peach so I guess that’s it. We ordered everything on the menu except for the pickles for two. We skipped the alcohol since it was a “school night”, however the sake and choyo offerings were very tempting. Darn, school night! Once we ordered, food started arriving in about, just after 5 minutes.

First up was fried Brussel Sprouts with Fish Sauce Vinaigrette – $15. It smelt so good despite having fish sauce! I am personally not a fan of Brussel Sprouts so I was surprised that I enjoyed this dish. However, more then half way through this dish, me and Ms V had given up because we realised that the sauce had become quite overpowering the more we ate this dish.

Confit Chicken Wings $16 – this wasn’t bad but nothing amazing. I could taste the Korean soybean paste in this πŸ™‚

Pork Buns – $15. The pork was tender and juicy. I knew before-hand that the pork buns had no skin, but it was nothing with an amazing “wow” factor. I did previously made these momofuku pork buns but with the added crispy skin and felt like it just needed crispy skin to bring it to the next level.

Spanner Crab Roll with Celery Salted chips $22. The bread was very dry and sadly the bread went untouched. The crab filling was a little strong with the mayo but still quite delicious. I couldn’t taste the celery on the chips but still happily gobbled them up because it was so crispy!

The Spicy Roasted Rice Cakes with Pork $17 was a winner in Ms V’s books. She loved the crispy bits and the tiny hint of spice. I echoed the same feelings. I have attempted cooking the roasted rice cakes (I haven’t blogged about it) from this cookbook but I couldn’t get the roasted rice cakes to crisp up as much as the Momofuku Seiobo version. It is definitely something I will order again if I return for the bar menu.

The winner of the day in my books was the Pickled Egg $4. There were notes of vinegar and a lovely gooey center. It’s steep at a price of $4 but I was glad that we still got it.

The service at Momofuku was exceptional and we were constantly asked if everything was okay. Although I did overall enjoyed Momofuku, I felt the food was a little mediocre for the price but once again I need to remind myself that it is a bar menu and a fast turn around for service was required. Nonetheless, I am still extremely keen on going with the degustation menu.

The Star 80 Pyrmont Street
Pyrmont, NSW 2009

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  1. 😦 How disappointing pokΓ© sis 😦 Worse when all the dishes didn’t turn out all good! *sigh*
    Hate it when you go to a place with high expectations and then leaving disappointed.

    And yeah that bun seriously needs crispy skin πŸ˜›
    I have to say the spicy cakes look awesome though πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been lucky enough to dine at the restaurant during its opening weekend and returned for a visit at the bar about 6 months later. I absolutely loved both experiences. It was probably all the hype and expectations that let you down slightly, but nevertheless, the bar menu is only a tiny glimpse of what the set menu is like. Glad you got to try most things on the bar menu though! You know what’s funny? I actually prefer my pork without the skin (on the bun) as I find it sometimes get stuck between my teeth. Lots of sriracha makes everything taste the bomb diggity πŸ˜›

    • So glad you had two great experiences – food was good but I think I way over hyped myself which is why :(. I agree with you the crackling gets stuck in the teeth πŸ™‚

  3. I wasn’t so enamoured with Momofuku when I visited New York earlier this year so I guess the hype really let me down. Haha I also prefer the pork buns with crackling when I made it myself. I couldn’t bear buying ‘skinless’ pork belly to make the buns lol why would you forgo crackling??!

  4. What a bummer (esp as I really want to go and at eat at the bar). If it’s the same Miss V that I’m thinking off she liked the bar last time she went…maybe things have slipped since then. The pork bun in New York was pretty good…a think layer of skin, but it came with cucumber & lettuce, so a bit of crunch to it.

  5. Would really love to go but yeah it is a tad pricey! Good on you for checking out the bar menu, but it seems a bit of a shame it wasn’t as show stopping as much as the dego apparently is.. Top notch places like that should have a matching wow bar menu as the regular fare I think..

  6. It’s a bit of a shame that you didn’t enjoy it as much as I really hoped you would πŸ™‚ Because I really enjoyed Momofuku Ssam Bar in New York. But I guess it’s always harder when you have high expectations before going ~

    The pork belly bun looks really bare without the skin and I think I prefer it braised ~ and I think I had a very similar rice cake dish in NYC and loved it πŸ™‚

    I’m still sooooooo interested in trying Momofuku Seiobo when I go to Sydney next time, fingers cross it’ll be better if I get the degustation πŸ˜€

  7. Aihhh… It’s too bad you had some misses from your meal. Still, at least the menu selection looks pretty interesting! I think I would’ve ordered the same dishes too cuz it sounds like things I’d enjoy eating. Again, shame bout some of the execution. Esp the bread. I can’t can’t stand dry bread BLEUK. Wonder what else you got up to during your mini trip to Sydney ^^

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