Steamed Chicken with black fungus

I was craving this dish so badly that I knew I just had to make it. Before when I used to live with the folks back at home, I wouldn’t crave this dish since I would normally eat it about once a fortnight. Just recently it just hit and I felt the craving for my dad’s steamed chicken. I rang my dad and asked him for the recipe. Dad being dad stated to just cut up chicken and just add soy sauce. So helpful -_- but that’s how dad and older generations cook without recipes just everything within their heads and they somehow make it happen.

I played around with the flavouring and I had a clear idea what the taste could be like and deduct this recipe. I am not sure the exact origin of this dish. I think it might be Cantonese dish (please correct me if i’m wrong). This dish is very comforting and it’s lovely on a perfect cold night and great for winters. I am actually not a huge fan of chicken unless it’s deep fried or coated with some super sauce but this dish is comforting and makes me happy. It’s my reminder of home and makes me miss my father’s cooking heaps. Believe it or not my Dad wears the chef hat rather then the mother unit. Bless dads! They are truly under appreciated!

I have tested it about 4-5 times since I couldn’t get the seasoning right. It was quite bland and watery in the beginning. I realise the large amount of cornflour definitely helped with the thickening in the end. I think because its gets steamed over a long time lots of water runs into the chicken. Sourcing the ingredients is quite easy as a trip to the Asian grocery. In the end I am quite happy with this recipe and hope you will get to try it as well.

Serves 2-4 as a side dish

6 black fungus/woodear mushrooms/dried fungus
3 large or 5 large dried shiitake mushrooms
10 lily flowers/buds – cut off woody stems – you can also tie these in a knot I usually don’t
4 boneless chicken thighs – chopped into 2 cms cubes. Make sure it’s not the “chicken chop version”
ginger about 5cm in size – cut in matchsticks or sliced

Marinate sauce:
1/4 cup of cornflour (use a little less if you prefer the sauce to be watery rather then thick)
2.5 tablespoons of water
1/4 cup of soy sauce (use a little less if you prefer it to not be so salty)
1 tablespoon of shao xiang wine
2 teaspoon of sesame oil
1 teaspoon of brown sugar
a dash of white pepper
salt to taste

1. Soak black fungus, Shiitake mushrooms and lily flowers for at least half an hour with hot water separately . Usually if I plan this dish in advance, I would soak them a day beforehand, this makes it very soft to eat.
2. Mix the cornflour and water together.
3. Add the cornflour mixture to the rest of the marinate sauce and pour over the chicken. Leave to for about 30 minutes – 1 hour to marinate.
3. After 30 minutes wash the fungus,shiitakes and lily flowers.
4. Cut off stems from Shiitakes mushrooms and sliced the fungus and shiitakes mushrooms.
5. Place the chicken on a plate of a steamer on medium heat and add the black fungus, mushrooms, lily flowers and ginger on top
6. About 20 minutes into the cooking process – lift the lid of the steamer and carefully start mixing everything together.
7. Steam for another 20 minutes and serve with rice

Lily flowers and black fungus

Close up of the lily flowers

Close up of the black fungus/dried fungus

Chicken on the steamer

The end result 🙂

Bar H

I don’t usually buy group buying coupons. I tend to be the person that thinks they are a waste of money. After seeing so many people with bad experiences with group buying coupons it has turned me off. After seeing quite a good and positive reviews about Bar H, I decided to purchased the coupon on spreets for $79. Bar H have changed their menu to more of a Asian-inspired dishes, previously it was modern Australia.

We were only given two seatings 6pm & 8:30pm. I had to quickly dashed to the city from work and trying to arrive on time at 6pm, the perks of not working in the city. I originally thought the banquet was one each but it’s 7 dishes shared between two. It also comes with rice, a salad and a glass of wine each. You are also given the option to switch to a soft drink if you prefer.

Pickled cucumber salad. There is Chinese fungi in this which I love.

Steamed pork wontons with chilli oil dressing. I was hoping for the deep fried version but the steamed pork wontons are still delicious and are quickly gobbled up.

Braised beef on sesame leaf. The coriander took up about half the filling in the roll. Althought I am not affected by this, Mr himself was horrified. You see Mr himself’s least favoutite food (or should I say herb) in the whole wide world is coriander.

Calamari salad with fresh herbs.

Deep fried tofu with caramelised tomato. Tofu and tomato are a great combination and once again another great dish.

Crispy Chilli chicken. Sadly the chicken was quite spicy, so Mr himself had this to himself, he quickly gives me the thumbs up!

Caramelised beef with fresh fennel and radish. This was the highlight of the meal. Saved the best for last. The beef is beautifully cooked, tender and juicy. What more could you want?

iceberg & Herb salad

Overall it’s such a great deal for $79 dollars. I am not sure I would pay the full price of $160. I think it was quite small for two people but it was great that we got to tried the different meals from Bar H. I do look forward to trying it again sometime in the future.

80 Campbell St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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Ms g’s

Ever since Ms G’s has opened I been wanting to visit it ever since. With a no booking policy and long lines on even weekdays, the best situation was to go for Sunday lunch. We arrived so early before it opened! The great thing about the bar is they served alcoholic bubble tea drinks! Now the problem was deciding which one to drink.

The menu Asian mothers are the best mothers

Choya Cobbler – Choya plum wine, Ramos port, strawberries, oranges, limes, lemons. I happily picked this since I got a weakness for plum wine and it does not disappoint.

Green Iced Tea – Zubrowka vodka, Cloud & Mist tea, grapefruit bitters, green apple, soda. Some of the alcoholic bubble teas comes in a cute takeaway bubble tea cup

Pina‘Pearls’Colada – Appleton VX & Havana Club Blanco rum, pineapple, coconut, yogurt sorbet, green pearls

Mini banh mi- crisp pork belly. One thing everyone has been raving about is the pork belly buns. These are so crunchy and delicious. This is a must order!

Buddha’s Delight – A textural vegetarian salad. I love the jelly bits mix in the salad.

Prawn toast – yuzu aioli, herbs. This isn’t your average prawn toast this is the BEST prawn toast you would ever eat :).

inside prawn toast

Vietnamese steak tartare, prawn crackers.

Fried baby chicken, Kimchi Mayonnaise half $15 whole $25. Best part of this is the Mayonnaise so tangy.

Sadly at the end of the meal, it was way too much food for three people. So we didn’t get to try the desserts. I will come back for you desserts 🙂

155 victoria Street
potts point

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Lotus presents Abracadabra! Dan Hong’s magic lunch

One of the the events that stood out from March into Merivale was the abracadabra lunch. On the website it reads

“Get ready for a few surprises when our hip young chef Dan Hong teams with David Copperfield in the making – Liam Power, for a five-course degustation lunch. Using ‘magic’ as his inspiration, he promises that the magic won’t only be found on the plate. Prepare to be amazed!’

Awesome much! Quickly gathered some fellow eaters and got a booking made!

Upon arrival was the Belverdere flaming moe Cocktail which consists of Belvedere grapefruit, nashi pear, cinzaro bianco.
Getting ready to flame it up!

Afterwards the end result. I can clearly taste the pear in the cocktail.

Mr Liam power engrossed in showing his magic, he was nice enough to show how a few of his tricks are done!

We were all hungry and didn’t want to have alcohol yet before the bread arrives. Finally it arrives piping hot fresh from the oven.

2009 Domaine Coteau de la Biche Vouvray from Loire Valley, france. To be paired with the first dish.

The wine in the glass. This was my favourite wine of the lunch!

Sashimi of Sea Scallops, Foie Gras, Avruga Caviar and Hazelnut Oil. I am still getting use to the idea of eating Sashimi and haven’t tried scallops in a sashimi form, wasa bit slimey and strange. Overall the dish was wonderfully delish. Was also the first time I had foie gras too!

2009 Massena ‘The Surly Muse’ Viognier from Barossa Valley South Australia to be paired with the next dish

Spanner Crab, Dashi Custard, Asparagus and Ginger Consomme. Pouring the ginger consomme. The ginger consomme only had a small hint of ginger which I definitely prefer. The custard resembles something similar to steamed egg custard. This dish was a great comfort dish especially on such a rainy day. I probably will choose to eat this when I am sick.

Spanner Crab, Dashi Custard, Asparagus and Ginger Consomme was my favourite dish from the lunch

Pork Belly, Almond Gazpacho, Watermelon and Chicharron. My pork belly was missing the crispy skin but miss sugarpuffi pointed out her pork was very crispy. The chicharron is deep fried pig’s skin and it has been lightly spiced. The watermelon was an unbelievable pairing with the pork. The Gazpacho sauce was so mouth watering that I started to be un-ladylike and attempted to lick the plate (no one saw I hope)

2007 Piron Beaujolais-villages “Domaine de La chanaise from Beaujolais, France. Paired with the pork belly.

Rangers Valley Wagyu, Spiced Beetroot and White Fungi paired with 2008 Luigi Bosca “la linda” Malbec from Mendoza Argentina (no photo of the wine). The wagyu was tender and quiet nice to seeing the white fungi paired with the dish.

We were told to go inside and watch Liam power do more magic tricks. What a charmer he is. Here is doing sneaky type of photo magic trick. There is Mr Dan Hong at the back 😀

Lime Creme, Chocolate and Vanilla Meringue and Coconut Sorbet paired with 2009 Mt Horrocks “Cordon cut” Rieling from Clare Valley, South Australia. Found the wine very sweet for a Riesling but I can why it was paired perfectly with the dessert. The dessert had the added pop rocks to give a more magic element. The sorbet was refreshing and the rest of the dessert was finished up quickly. Shows how good it was 🙂

jelly-ish cubes of sweets and brownies was given at the end.

22 Challis Avenue
Potts Point NSW 2011
(02) 9326 9000

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