Lotus Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

It’s every kid dream to have a visit to Charlie and the Chocolate factory. The dream almost comes alive at Lotus with the The Charlie and the chocolate Factory lunch. It features 5 desserts *inner child screams*! I have a very good memory of the awesome Oompa Loompa song but luckily there wasn’t actual Oompa loompas there, they freaked me as a kid!






Russian Spyrder – the Waiter lied! He said there isn’t any alcohol what a cheeky one!

Since Miss R is a kiddie ;), she has the kids version drink – ice cream spider

Miss S drinks “special version of ice cream spider”



The first course is the blueberry inspired by Violet Bearegarde features an apple consommé with dry ice. The girls can’t help but think that it looks a bit like the bluebottle jellyfish. Many funnies were shared as we found ourselves with blue teeth, tonguess and mouths. Hello I’m a blue tongue lizard! The ice cream was well received. I love the crunchy bits and quickly gobbled this up!

Ice cream sandwich. Peach ice cream, brownie, strawberries with strawberry powder. Miss S claims it’s the reminiscent of pats and sticks ice cream sandwiches. I loved fruity ice cream flavours more so if it’s peach :). I had trouble eating this so I just push my spoon and it went splatted!

Golden egg with dehydrated chocolate meringue and roasted white chocolate soup. The eggs are mango puree and does a pop in your mouth! We spend a good 10 minutes discussing how “the skin is form”. The lovely waiter went to the kitchen to investigate and tells us to google up spherification.

Chocolate and mandarin surprise – Chocolate ganche and mandarin jelly. The surprise is the added pop rocks. This was my favourite dish :D. I love the fizz of the mandarin jelly. Ideally way to eat is to grab both ganche and mandarin fizz and eat it together.

Oompa Loompa ice cream sundae with chocolate river. Raspberry sauce, hot chocolate sauce, pandan ice cream, honeycrumb, pretzels, choc chip cookie and marshmallow. Halfway throught this dish I was fully Ko-ed with sugar, I offload half of mine to Miss S.

I liked how the first 4 desserts were very light in sweetness and BANG on the final course it is very sweet. The Chocolate and mandarin surprise was unforgettable, I have vivid dreams of it. My charlie and chocolate factory dream has been fulfilled.

The lunch ended with a goody bag of sweets.

22 Challis Avenue
Potts Point NSW 2011
(02) 9326 9000

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Sugar hit at Shangri-La





Black Forest Cocktail: vanilla panacotta, cherries in kirsch, chocolate bonbon, cocoa sponge, chocolate cream.

The dessert looks very fancy doesn’t it? I am afraid it was more disappointing then it looks. The cherries, how would I describe it? One word disgusting! They were very overpowering in taste. The panna cotta was really running too. It took us a while to figure out how to eat it. Each individual all had they own ways. While I took the approach of smashing the thing into a puddle.

Can’t help but feel my $20 was a bit wasted!

176 Cumberland Street
The Rocks, Sydney
NSW 2000

Azuma Kushiyaki and Bacco Sugar hit


There was three drink options green tea, brown brothers orange muscat and flora. As silly as I am, I decided to pick the cognac. It was a little overpowering for me.

Clockwise from top lemon macaron, wasabi ganache tart, petit almond financier and Matcha green tea ganache tart.

I was confused biting into the green tart, I thought it might of being wasabi. Then we all realise the chocolate looking tart was wasabi doh! The macha tea wasn’t bad but it was thick and bit too strong in flavour for my tastebuds. The wasabi I knew instantly I wouldn’t like. Mister wasabi and me decided we were never friends in the first place. Mister wasabi I want to be your friend but I can’t warm up to you sorry. The petit almond financier was a delight but too small! The macaron was chewy inside and yet again I wish it wasn’t so small.

Chocolate mousse cake with raspberry coulis and freeze-dried raspberry flakes and vanilla panna cotta served with strawberry coulis.

The panna cotta brought back memories of the previous panna cotta I made. It was definitely creamy and rich. The mousse cake was pretty tasty but the best part was the freeze dried raspberry flakes on top!

Cute faces on the macarons.


No flash

With flash – A chocolate tasting plate of berry chocolate fudge, gianduja macaroon, and glace apricot and milk chocolate ganache tart.

We couldn’t help but noticed the waitress wasn’t very pleased that the fact we rocked up. We sense her bitchyness all throughout the service. Since we so K-oed from the walking and of course the sugar hit. We settled with hoping that they will let us order a sugar hit between two, yes they let us :)! phewww. The cake was dry as anything it taste like its been sitting on the cold for several days. The tart was sweet like oh my god I tasted heaven amazing. “It is the tart we define as the tart that has changed our lives”. The macaron was sweet but not too much.

Over the years I come to realise that I can’t take too much sweet foods like when I was younger. Don’t get me wrong I love my sweets but when it comes to picking between savoury and sweets. Savoury is something you won’t get sick of. But sweet is like the comforting hug you yearn for.

Siff sugar hits for azuma and Bacco runs until end of october

Regent Place, 501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
phone: 0292677775

2 Chifley Plaza, Chifley Square
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 0292239552

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Marie Antoinette’s high tea at Westin

I am gathered here with a bunch of awesome girls and of course a lovely birthday girl as well. Most of us went for the SIFF event special which includes high tea and unlimited tea with a glass of rose wine from brown brothers for $45.

Oh a mask!


Brown brothers rose wine.

Two tiers. Top – sweets and bottoms – savoury

Top tier
At the back: chocolate cream with exotic fruit caramel and candied walnuts – out of all the sweet this was my favourite. There was a passionfruit taste to this. The chocolate they used was dark which made it not very sweet and easy to eat.
Middle: macaroon with fresh blueberries – the blue macarons was well received and liked. I wasn’t fond of the gooey inner filling.
Left: beetroot and cherry cup cake – could not taste any of these flavours but it wasn’t as sweet as it looks and was light in taste.
Front: lime curd meringue tart – I took a small bite of this and it was way too overpowering and tangy! I wish it was a bit softer with the lemon.

Close up of the Marie Antoninette Fondant.

Bottom tier – savoury. Everyone mostly liked the kiwi and orange croissant with mascarpone on the top left. I enjoy every savoury item on the menu. Most of the breads were a little dry but the fillings was awesome and tasty.

Slow cooked roast beef with crème cheese stuffed baby belle peppers. The roast beef was my favourite of the savoury.

On the left blt and deviled egg finger sandwich and the right avocado and shrimp tartar.

Heart shaped blt and deviled egg finger sandwich. So cute!

Scones with double cream and strawberry jam. Honestly I am not a fan of scones. I had many dry scones and haven’t tasted great scones. These scones were not dry at all!

I forgot to take a photo of the tea. On selection I picked a lychee tea which taste just like black tea no hint of lychee at all.

*The Special high tea offer runs until the end of October.

The Westin Sydney Hotel
No.1 Martin Place, Sydney
NSW 2000, Australia

Adele’s Vanilla & Strawberry Panna cottas

Don’t you just love Masterchef magazine? I stopped buying all food magazines and just to stick to buying Masterchef magazine now. The guys do know how to money though! In issue 5 this recipe has been staring at me for a while. I do love a panna cotta.. but to this day nothing to can top the panna cotta I had at taste festival from Jonah’s.

The recipe asks for titanium gelatine leaves. I haven’t used them before and they don’t come very cheap! But I think I have converted now and will used this from now on rather then regular gelatine. For sydney siders you will find them at the essential ingredient and David jones food hall.

The panna cotta didn’t turned out as flavoursome as I hoped. To combat this I added a lot of the strawberry coulis (~ 3/4 tbs) rather then the 1 tablespoon specified. In the end very tasty but no where as good as Jonah’s (hey dude share your recipe!)

Putting my wicked light up fake wine glass into good use!

Why hello there..

300ml cream
1 cup milk
1/4 cup caster sugar
1 vanilla bean, split, seeds scraped
2 x 5g titanium strength gelatine leaves
250g strawberries, hulled, plus extra, halved, to serve
2 tbs icing sugar
1 tbs lemon juice

1. To make panna cottas, place cream, milk, sugar and vanilla beans and seeds in a saucepan. Bring almost to the boil over low heat, stirring ocasionally, until sugar dissolves. Discard vanilla bean.
2. Meanwhile, soften the leaves in cold water for 3 minutes, then squeeze to remove excess moisture. Add to cream mixture and stir until gelatine dissolves.
3. Place panna cotta mixture over a bowl of iced water and using a spoon stir for 3 minutes. Divide among 4 x 180ml (3/4 cup) glasses and refrigerate for 3 hours or until set.
4. To make the strawberry coulis, process strawberries, icing sugar and lemon juice until pureed. Strain through a fine sieve into a bowl. Discard seeds.
5. Spoon 1 tbs of coulis over each panna cotta. Top with extra strawberries.

*serves 4 and recipe from Masterchef Magazine Issue 5