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Box Hill is full of culinary delights and many are cheap. About a month ago, a new culinary delight joined the town. What is Food Republik? It’s a bit hard to describe, its like a mini food court where you are given one menu and you get to order from many subsidiary restaurants and you receive one bill to be paid at the end.

For Dessert Story, it’s a separate menu but the same bill. The food here is all Taiwanese and its’ meant to replicate “Taiwanese street food”. Restaurants involved in this mini food court includes Toast Box, Crystal Jade, Dessert Story, Taiwan Cafe and a few others.

Since day one, there have been very long lines at Food Republik. Luckily, three out of four visits, I managed to find it without lines! The idea is to go at non-peak hours where entry could easily be made without lines or just a very short line.

A line forming at 5:30pm


Making dumplings



Two Menus – one for dessert story and other for Mains

The ordering system is similar to Pappa Rich where everything you ordered is noted down of the writing pad. Easy ordering system.

On the first visit I went with Ms Peach Water. Ms PW managed to arrived at 6pm on Tuesday Night and got a table within 5-10 minutes. We knew looking at the overwhelming menu that The Xiao long baos from Crystal Jade are a must order. The Xiao long baos are amazing and very comparable to Din Tai Fung. Thin skin, very soupy and tasty – everything you wanted in a Xiao Long Bao. Only problem on the first visit the soup was a little lukewarm however the visit after when I went with the Mr it was piping hot. The Xiao Long baos aren’t cheap for 8 it’s about $10-$11 but it’s along the same price as the XLBS in Sydney’s Din Tai Fung.

I was feeling really under the weather so I went for the Pork Ball Noodle Soup from Taiwan Cafe – I found this very comforting but sadly the only downside was the soup was a little too oily. Ms PW chose the hot and sour noodle soup which I have been eyeing but sadly could not have!

Pork Ball Noodle Soup

Hong Kong milk tea from Toast Box

Horlicks from Toast Box

Xiao Long Bao

Hot & Sour Noodle Soup

I also went back with the Mr to have Dessert Story. I went for the Taro balls, honey bean, pearls and Herbal Jelly, the hot version from Dessert Story. I know it does not look good and usually the cold version tastes better but it definitely hits the spot when you are still under the weather

Mr picks the black glutinuous rice with coconut milk which he happily ordered on the three visits we went together. It must be good!

The other time, I came back to Toast Box to have Kaya Toast. Look at that thick slab of toast with Kaya. Oh and those gooey eggs! Love this but the Kaya a bit too sweet for me.

The concept of Food Republik is great but may be worth your while to visit when the hype dies down a little bit. I having been hearing hit and misses from this place.

Box Hill Centro South
Station St
Box Hill VIC 3128

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Meet fresh

Sorry guys. I didn’t mean to disappear off the earth. I caught the tummy flu for a few weeks then my computer blew up. Suddenly after I started experiencing signs of rsi along with a recurring dry cough =(. What a month crazy and pretty crappy all at once. I guess I got something to look forward to. I’m heading off to Singapore and Malaysia in less than 2 weeks. Feel free to let me know what to do and where to eat. So far I got 2am dessert bar and raffles high tea down in Singapore.

Moving along with the purpose of the blog post. Could you believe I have been to Meet fresh yet till this night? I have been quite turned off by the lines. A lovely bloggers meet up was organised and I finally got my first taste of meet fresh.

Meet fresh if you haven’t heard is Taiwanese dessert and drink chain popular in Taiwan. Sydney only has the 1 store and is very popular even on a weekday. After it was opened I never got around to visiting.

The range of desserts. Overall I like how light in sweetness the desserts are. I’m a big savoury girl at heart and It’s pretty hard to woo me in terms of sweets. Nonetheless I do love my sweets here and there.

Signature Herbal Jelly with Taro Balls, herbal ice, served cold. The mother unit use to feed me herbal jelly when I was a lot younger, I hated it with so much passion. Over the years I grown a bit more fond of it. I can see every reason why this is the signature dish of meet fresh. Refreshing with each mouthful.

Taro Ball Number 7 with Taro mash, Honey Beans & Pearls, served cold.

tofu pudding with lotus seeds, served cold. The winner of this is the broth, you must eat the pudding with the broth!

Taro Balls No. 3 with Red Beans Peanuts Pearls, served hot. This dish gives me the reminiscent of Chinese weddings, the soup right at the end. The only warm soup but very comforting on those winter nights,

Supreme Mango with Milky Crushed Ices screams happiness. Ice cream + Mango are just two of my favourite things. Overall this steals my heart from the night ๐Ÿ˜‰

There was a number of drinks during the night:
Lemon winter melon
Mountain green tea – Mr himselfโ€™s fav
Yaleto float โ€“ I love both of the float teas as they remind me of Asian version of Spiders
Mango yaleto float
Camellia green tea
Honey lemonade
Herbal ice with cream – found this really thick and bit hard to drink (perhaps eat)

Soda Tea Float Series โ€“ Yaleto.

Mountain Green Tea (Cold)

Thanks to the lovely Katheryn for letting us sample the desserts. If you are stopping by meet fresh for dessert, I highly recommend a light dinner since the desserts are quite filling. I intend to come back and have another taste of the mango dessert, hopefully to myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

13 Goulburn Street
Haymarket NSW 2000
(02) 8339 1031

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