There are some ads that appear on this blog is not controlled by me. These ads have been run by wordpress themselves. I have no control over these ads.

All blog posts are my opinion and in the end is only my opinion. For Restaurant reviews, I try my best not to reflect negativity and focus on positives. I do believe there is second chances. I am not out there to hurt anyone’s restaurant or business.

There might be complimentary items on this website. If so I will fully disclosure it.

Photo usage:

I will allow personal use of photos eg if you’re a blogger – however if you are to use my photo/s you are required to link back to my blog. After using my photo/s please email and let me know where it is located – that’s just common courtesy!

If you are website that I find exists as a business and/or earns commercial gain – I do not allow you USE my photos. Please email me to further discuss – I will charge you for my photo usage. It’s only fair.

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