Yes yes it’s finally an update from me. I was away in Perth for a while to visit the Mr’s family and then arrived back in Melbourne for one night. The next day I jetted off to Sydney for work. It has been a few hectic weeks and now I made the time to blog.

WOOHOO I finally going to blog about one of my favourite restaurants in Melbourne YES it’s Omah’s. This was my 4th visit when my friend Miss A was visiting Melbourne. Miss A is a big fan of crabs so we had to take her to Omah’s. Omah’s have a fixed price of crabs of $45.9 (increased from $40 previously). As usual every time before I visit I make sure to pre-order the crabs at least a day in advance. This time it was no different. Funnily there wasn’t any crabs when we arrived even when we pre-ordered. But luckily they made a trip within 15 minutes and came back to us with a crab yay! Last night there was a big order of 25 crabs the night before which is why the missing crabs

Grass jelly and soy milk mixed with grass Jelly.

My number one choice for crab is definitely the Salted egg crab. I have previously tried black pepper and chilli crab which were both fantastic but nothing hit my mouth with drooling saliva like the salted egg crab. I think it has happy crack 😀

Coconut rice. Wish they have chicken rice option but loved their coconut rice. Super fragrant.

Next we ordered loh bak, minced chicken marinated with 5-spice, fried in bean curd skin. Miss A is having the Loh Bak for the first time and fell in love with it. I gave Omah’s version a thumbs up too it was very crispy and tasted delicious. I tried quite a few versions of loh Bak and now Omah’s tops it 🙂

Ikan bakar fish – mild spiced fish with onion and orka on banana leaf. We make sure to order a more mild fish dish this time. Previously we tried the nyonya fish and it was the so spicy. This fish suited my spice palette more.

Belacan Veggies – watercress. I love their Belacan version, it’s mixed with prawns. No matter where I go I still like Omah’s belacan watercress the most 🙂

One small negative is we couldn’t takeaway our food! I wouldn’t mind paying a takeaway fee on top – oh well! Side note Omah’s in Port Melbourne is Opal’s now. There is also some gluten free options of the menu which is handy 🙂

338-342 Burwood Road
Hawthorn, VIC 3122
03 9818 7777
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Wealth garden

Sorry guys, I was meant to blog about 2 weeks ago! I am afraid I had few recipes I worked on and had an intention to share. Sadly they didn’t turn out good enough to share. I hate this happening when you are making your own recipes. Plus I don’t share anything I don’t like, I need to test and test before sharing. I’m going to lay off the recipe creation for a while, just too much disappointing results 😦

Moving along Ms D and I went to yum cha at Wealth Garden. I am so happy because I haven’t had yum cha for a while close to a few months! Definitely satisfied my craving. We ordered so much food between 4 people and best thing is it came with a small price tag. What’s convenient about Wealth Garden is they have their own car park and there is also a bus stop right in front (279 goes by).

What really bugs me about the yum cha I experience in Melbourne is that most dim sums places seem to come in threes. Back in Sydney it usually comes in fours. Its frustrating when you have a perfect yum cha table of four! What are you guys thoughts about this?

I couldn’t fault any of the food here here at Wealth Garden. We ate our food so fast :). Not much I can say about the food but I love every dish we ordered!

pork ribs

Chicken feet

bean curd rolls

Gai lan

“ma-lay cake”

har gow

siu mai

cheong fun with char siu

sticky rice with lap cheong

deep fried taro dumplings

“low sah bao”

prawns + quail eggs

Thank you Ms D for introducing us to Wealth Garden and I can’t wait to return soon :). I recommended making a booking as it gets packed during lunch hours.

866 Doncaster Road
Doncaster East, VIC 3109

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Braised beef with Potatoes & carrots

It’s another day where I called home and asked my dad advice to cook this delicious comfort dish. I wouldn’t normally missed it when I was back with the folks but I find myself craving it more then ever! After some bits of guidance from dad – I decided to wing it and see what I came out with. Dad’s original recipe does not use beef stock but I added some to bring out more flavour and normally he does it with a slow cooker. Sadly I don’t have a slow cooker so on the stove it goes.

If you do attempt this yourself find a good braising beef cut with lots of sinew so it becomes super tender at the end of the cooking process. I had a lot of problems with the scum on top and not entirely sure how to combat this. I think I could pre-boil the beef but then I wouldn’t be able to do the cornflour coating beforehand :(!

Moving along our kitchen is now pretty much set. We bought a kitchen bench from Ikea which doubles as a dining table. It can sort of fit 6 people. I am so happy because now our 1 line kitchen consist has extra bench space for me to work on and more storage space. We picked a Varde base cabinet with an extra worktop.

the beef boiling away – look at all that oil eek!

Carrots and potatos added to the stock – not very pretty. Make sure to get rid of that scum!

the end result super tender beef!


700 grams of braising beef such as chuck.
1 teaspoon of table salt
1 teaspoon of black pepper
3 tablespoons of cornflour
2 tablespoons of a neutral oil such as vegetable
5 cm ginger of piece grated
2 garlics crushed
500 mls of beef stock
750mls of water
3 star anise
1/4 cup of soy sauce
dash of white pepper
2 large potatos
3 carrots

1. Cut beef into cubes about 2cms in size. Mix salt, pepper and cornflour with the beef. Set aside.
2. Heat Oil in a dutch oven/pot about 4L in size on medium heat. Add garlic and ginger.
3. After a minute, add the beef and fry until beef is browned.
4. Add the water and stock and increase heat to high. Once boiled reduce the heat to low.
5. Add the soy sauce, white pepper and star anise and cover with a lid.
6. Check the beef often and spoon out the scum if there is any.
7. After 4 hours on the stove, chopped the carrots and potatoes about 3cms in size. Added to the beef.
8. Cook for another hour and serve with rice

Serves four as a side dish with rice

Madam Kwong’s Kitchen

Hi guys, I am back. We got our internet up a week ago but we are still organising and running around for stuff for our place. The new kitchen is a “one line” kitchen so need to buy another kitchen bench for more space. Sadly I didn’t realise that some of our cabinets were quite small and big items such as rice cooker had to be store on the bench. Moving along I want to tell you guys of a lovely Malaysian Nyonya restaurant in Box Hill. I first heard about Madam Kwong’s when I was scouting Box hill for restaurants to eat in. We just move to the area and I was on the lookout for restaurants. Madam Kwong came up on an urbanspoon search. I couldn’t stop pestering the MR to go. We been so busy moving in and settling in the new place, we could not find the time to fit it in. It was made extra difficult since it wasn’t open for dinners so we had to try to go there during lunch on the weekends.

The restaurant is jam packed when we arrived. It’s a battleground to fight for a table or more specifically a fight for chairs *yoinks last chair*. To order you need to go at the front and order/pay. Make sure you mention you are eating in. There is array of goodies that stare at you and despite the cheap prices you might walk out with the whole store.

Sadly char kway teow wasn’t on the specials today (it’s not part of the main menu) so I went for the Penang hokkien mee. The main menu consists of very few items. Each day they have a few different specials. Today’s offering was sor hor fun, lam mee and lamb curry. The otak otak was all gone when we ordered – we missed out.

teh tarik – very frothy 🙂

I wasn’t that hungry beforehand since I stuffed myself at a Bunnings sausage sizzle, seriously aren’t they the bomb? But the Mr was hungry and we had a long list of stuff to do. I was so paranoid that I wouldn’t finish the Hokkien mee. I know it’s quite a decent size but I was full! Moving on my tummy decided to changed it’s mind on the first spoonful of the broth. The broth is flavoursome but not too strong – just right. There is a mixture of both hokkien and vermicelli noodles, 3 prawns and slices of pork. It has a hinge of spiciness. Only problem was I sort of promised the mr some of the har mee since I thought I was full opps!

Mr has picked the Nasi lemak $4.50 coconut rice with sambal, anchoives and peanuts This is quite cheap since it’s without a curry side/eggs (10.50). I never seen someone eat so fast. Sorry picture does not look that pretty

bak chang – love this as well.

kuih kochi – mr ate this and somehow spend the whole afternoon reminiscing about a lovely grandma that use to sell this back in Melaka. I think if it triggered memories then it must be good 😉

The ondeh ondeh is every ounce of perfection. Mr actually stopped by on Friday on his birthday day off and bought back popiah + ondeh ondeh back for me. I seriously refused to eat the ondeh ondeh. I first had it in Singapore at a hawker centre and detested it. At the time it was just a ball of sugar to me. I eventually got conned into it eating. I just gained love for ondeh ondeh – the soft bits of sugar bursts through your mouth, it wasn’t overly sweet. OH BALLS of perfection yo.. I am not joking. I don’t have a picture of the popiah but I thought it tasted nice. Mr’s opinion was that it was too overloaded with vegetables and not enough egg. I did had a lot of trouble eating it since the popiah came apart.

Oh the way out we wanted to buy some more goodies to eat. They seem to have replenish some otak otak and we score the last one. The otak otak is fantastic!

The restaurant also doubles as a grocery store. Be sure to go early since some items go fast. Also spotted har mee paste, laska, kaya and frozen musang king durian $16. I dislike durian until I had the Musang king Durian in Malaysia!

1025 Whitehorse Rd
Box Hill, VIC 3128

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They are open during lunch time hours only. Wednesday – Sunday 11am – 3pm

Mr Hive’s Kitchen and Bar

If you asked me about meeting people off the internet a few years I would clearly shrugged it off. Now I realise I keep meeting amazing people through twitter, instagram & my blog. Some even became my closest friends. After many emails organised and with the love of food we have organised a meet up Daisy and Lianne on this occassion. We decide to stop by Mr Hive kitchen and bar since Miss D wouldn’t stop raving about the Desserts yum!

Roasted scallops, wild rice and spice

Cured kingfish, finger limes and smoked yoghurt

Crispy little pig – pork cubes topped with pig’s tail. Simply love this dish and it was so good it came in 3’s! Just only wished the watermelon was cut a little smaller.

I could not go passed ordering a steak. I haven't had one for a while. The steak I requested was medium and it felt more towards medium-well done. It was also heavily salty. It wasn't too bad but it was little difficult to swallow after each bite.

Miss D picks snapper. It was soft and absolutely tender. It fell apart in mouth. I had a big jealous cloud on top of my head – how I wish I had the snapper

Mrs L has ordered the ox cheek – the dinner special. It was quite tender 🙂

We were then moved to the dessert bar to start our desserts. It was fantastic watching desserts get plated in front of us by the pastry chef. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I always have concerns about desserts being heavy. The desserts at Mr hive are light in sweetness and packs the right amount of flavour.

The lolly selection in the lolly bag we take home

Pastry chef plating in front of us 🙂

Ricotta cheesecake, yuzu, ginger, nuts and seeds. This was my favourite dessert of the night

White chocolate, mango, basil, coconut. A really odd combination but it tasted great if you take each part of the dessert and have in a mouthful

Praline soufflé, jasmine and coco nib ice cream

Chocolate milk with salted caramel truffle. Found the drink a little heavy in sweetness but I loved the truffle.

Free lolly bag!

Selection of lollies – was double the amount but we ate some 😉

I can’t wait to return and just go straight to the dessert bar!

I am also moving in the next few days. I am unsure how long I will wait until I get access to the internet so sadly blogging will be placed on hold 😦

8 Whiteman St
Southbank, VIC 3006

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